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CLASSIC PHOTOS: Sew-ins, Bobs,Short-cuts, Ridges

  1. Curly Short-cut
  2. Classic Bob (front)
  3. Classic Bob (side)
  4. Curly Maw Hawk (front)
  5. Curly Maw Hawk (side)
  6. Curly Maw Hawk (side)
  7. Curly Maw Hawk (front)
  8. Straight layered bob (side)
  9. Straight layered bob (front)
  10. Straight layered bob (back)
  11. Curly Short-cut
  12. Curly Short-cut (back)
  13. Curly Short-cut (side)
  14. Side Short cut with ridges (front)
  15. Side Short cut with ridges (side)
  16. Layered bob on stocking cap (Side)
  17. Layered bob on stocking cap (front)
  18. Layered bob on stocking cap (back)
  19. Layered bob (front)
  20. Layered bob  (back)

Curly hair w/ ridges on a stocking cap (side)

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